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Assisted Living in Naperville, IL

Access individualized medical care, fun, comfort, and freedom at Prairie Pointe Assisted Living community.

Dependable Assisted Living Community in Naperville, IL

As a senior or an individual living with special needs, it can be hard to do everyday tasks like preparing meals, managing medication, bathing, or getting dressed. What’s more, you can get lonely staying on your own.

At Prairie Pointe Assisted Living, we offer long-term care for individuals who want a little support and assistance but need the freedom to live independently. Our senior community in Naperville, IL aims to enhance the quality of your life through quality care and comfort.

What Our Facility Offers

Events and Activities

Senior adults are at higher risk for social isolation. This tends to increase their feelings of loneliness and depression. Prairie Pointe Assisted Living has diverse events and activities that allow you to take up new hobbies. Participating in our social events and activities also allows you to make new friends. This will help reduce your feelings of isolation and loneliness, improving your health and wellness.

24/7 Professional and Compassionate Care

As a resident in an assisted living community, you will often need help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, medication assistance, and more. At Prairie Pointe Assisted Living, our well-trained staff provides round-the-clock care to ensure that your needs are met.

Independence and Fun

Our assisted living care in Naperville, IL allows you to have fun and live more confidently and carefree.

Memory Care

Are you suffering from memory-related issues? Our staff is qualified in memory care. We also have programs that can help you have a sense of purpose, engagement, and independence.

Delicious Meals

For seniors, preparing meals can become challenging. But you don’t have to worry about that in our assisted living facility. Our talented chefs create nutritious and delicious meals that benefit health. Our well-organized dining rooms also make dinner feel more than a meal—it becomes a fun social event.

Customized Floor Plans

From studio to multiple-room apartments, we have a variety of floor plans you can choose from. Our floor plans are also specially designed to accommodate daily routines while still giving you your private space.

Why Choose Us?

Prairie Pointe Assisted Living is a state-licensed senior community that provides specialized care for residents in a luxurious, modern setting. We offer residents support as they engage in activities that promote their level of fun and independence.

Our 24-hour nursing and care staff is specifically trained to ensure our residents receive quality and customized care. We work with a clear understanding of the unique needs of each of our residents. We also communicate with families of our residents, involving them in the lives of their loved ones.

Enjoy Quality Care and Freedom in Our Assisted Living Community

Looking to join an assisted living community in Naperville, IL? Look no further than Prairie Pointe Assisted Living. From assisted living care to amenities, we help our residents live comfortably 24/7 and enjoy their independence.

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